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Wed 19 Apr 2023 @ 23:46

Great conversation about synodality happening now with Kristin Colberg and Ormond Rush!

Changing Face Of The Priesthood

A Reflection on the Priest's Crisis of Soul


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Paperback / softback
ISBN-13: 9780814625040
Number of Pages: 168
Published: 01/02/2000
Product description

Few today would contest that the priesthood is in a state of crisis. The nature and implications of that crisis, however, remain the subject of considerable discussion and debate. In The Changing Face of the Priesthood, Fr. Donald Cozzens offers insight into the crisis by reflecting on the issues, challenges, concerns, and realities of the priesthood today.

The same year that Pope John XXIII surprised the Catholic world with his call for an ecumenical council, Cozzens began his formal study of theology. As a seminarian he felt the shaking of the priesthood's foundations. The very face of the priesthood was evolving even as he arrived at his first parish assignment. A generation later, the face of the priesthood continues to reveal new contours, fascinating features, and sadly, some tragic blemishes.

In The Changing Face of the Priesthood, Cozzens takes a long, honest look at the present state of the priesthood. He provides this examination not merely from an empirical, scientific perspective but also from a personal, pastoral perspective. Drawing on clinical data, church documents, and his nearly forty years of pastoral experience, Cozzens gives shape and form to the changing face of the priesthood. Through his reflections he leads readers to both concern and hope for the priesthood of the twenty-first century.

Chapters are Discovering an Identity," *Guarding One's Integrity, - *Loving as a Celibate, - *Facing the Unconscious, - *Becoming a Man, - *Tending the Word, - *Considering Orientation, - *Betraying Our Young, - and *The Changing Face of the Priesthood. -

Donald Cozzens, PhD, a priest and writer, is author of two award-winning titles, Sacred Silence and The Changing Face of the Priesthood, and editor of The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest, all published by Liturgical Press. He is writer in residence at John Carroll University where he teaches in the religious studies department.

Author Information

Donald B. Cozzens

Donald Cozzens, PhD, (1939–2021) a priest and an award-winning writer, was author of a number of best-selling books published by Liturgical Press including The Changing Face of the Priesthood, Sacred Silence: Denial and the Crisis in the Church, Faith That Dares to Speak, Freeing Celibacy, and The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest. He was writer in residence at John Carroll University where he taught in the religious studies department.

Product Reviews

With boldness and wisdom, with enormous sensitivity and unflinching honesty, Fr. Donald Cozzens skillfully analyzes the issues and challenges that throw both shadow and light upon today's Roman Catholic priesthood. An enlightened study that draws on empirical data as well as pastoral experience. Should be a must read for all bishops, priests, seminarians.William H. Shannon, Professor Emeritus, Religious Studies, Nazareth College of Rochester . . . speaks with deep reverence and raw honesty about issues, challenges, concerns and realities impacting on priests and the Church in today's world. . . . The reading and discussion of this work by priests and parishioners alike will provide insight, argumentation, challenge and hope. The author demonstrates great courage in facing the agonies and ecstasies of the priesthood today.Bishop Robert Morneau It is full of wisdom and insights, success and failure, hope buttressed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame This is the most honest assessment of the American priesthood I have read in years. I found myself continuously underlining passages, and putting 'yes!' in the margins.Paul Wilkes, Author of The Good Enough Catholic: A Guide for the Perplexed and In Mysterious Ways: The Death and Life of a Parish Priest . . . what Father Cozzens . . . has embarked upon is as comprehensive and honest an examination of conscience of the American priesthood as we have seen.America Drawing from years of experience and study, Fr. Don Cozzens artistically paints the very soul of the priesthood. The result is a masterpiece which captures its triumphs and tribulations, hopes and doubts, loves and disillusions, and the mysterious powers that sustain it. The Changing Face of the Priesthood could not be more timely as we enter the new millennium in hopes of a renewed priesthood.Rev. Eugene F. Hemrick, Syndicated Columnist, Catholic News Service, Research Associate, The Catholic University of America, Research Director, The Washington Theological Union This is the most important book on the priesthood I have read for many years. It is a breath of fresh air in that it is authentic, helpful, and open.Dean R. Hoge, Life Cycle Institute, The Catholic University of America It is Cozzens' love for the priesthood that motivates the book. He speaks warmly of the majority of priests in whom he finds great hope.National Catholic Reporter

Customer Reviews

Wed 19 Apr 2023 @ 23:46

Great conversation about synodality happening now with Kristin Colberg and Ormond Rush!

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