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Wed 19 Apr 2023 @ 23:46

Great conversation about synodality happening now with Kristin Colberg and Ormond Rush!

Sermon on the Mount

The Perfect Measure of the Christian Life


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ISBN-13: 9780814635230
Number of Pages: 136
Published: 01/03/2013
Product description

Saint Augustine once described the Sermon on the Mount as "the perfect measure of the Christian life." Taking his cue from Augustine, Frank Matera provides an exposition of the sermon for contemporary readers who wish to use the sermon as the standard by which they live their lives every day.

Matera shows how the Sermon on the Mount summons believers to single-minded devotion and wholehearted service to God. He unfolds the historical and theological background to the sermon. He explores the meaning of the individual Beatitudes, which articulate Jesus' call for a more abundant righteousness, piety without hypocrisy, and the need to become "doers" of the Word.

This lively and engaging commentary is an ideal resource for adult education and Bible study groups. It is also ideal for all who want to live their discipleship more fully.

Author Information

Frank J. Matera

Frank J. Matera was for many years the Andrews-Kelly-Ryan Professor of Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America. A former president of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, he is presently the pastor of St. Mary's Church in Simsbury, Connecticut. He has published commentaries on Romans, Second Corinthians, and Galatians and written books on New Testament theology, New Testament Christology, New Testament ethics, and Pauline theology. Matera's previous works published by Liturgical Press include Strategies for Preaching Paul, Preaching Romans: Proclaiming God's Saving Grace, The Sermon on the Mount: The Perfect Measure of the Christian Life, and Resurrection: The Origin and Goal of the Christian Life.

Product Reviews

Fr. Frank Matera's The Sermon on the Mount is the fruit of a life's work of pastoral ministry and the highest level of biblical scholarship. It is simple and accessible, but scholars will recognize its author as a guide who has command of the exegetical issues and yet distills that expertise for a general audience. Matera masterfully navigates problems commonly raised about the Sermon. He presents it as an invitation to and accessible to all, and yet only possible to those who have known conversion as part of a community of disciples. It is exalted and challenging, yet truly attainable. The life it portrays is ethical, yet ultimately a gift and promise. Readers of all backgrounds will profit immeasurably from this book.William Mattison, Associate Professor of Moral Theology, Catholic University The centrality of the Sermon on the Mount for Christian faith is undeniable. With his classic clarity and succinct style, Frank Matera captures 'the perfect measure' of the Sermon that has inspired Christians throughout the ages to follow Jesus Christ. In this deceptively small book, Matera offers an impressive interpretation of Jesus' teaching that is attentive to both ethical and spiritual dimensions of the text. This book can serve very well in classroom settings, Bible study groups, or simply for personal spiritual enrichment. I highly recommend it.Ronald D. Witherup, SS, Superior General of the Society of Saint Sulpice in Paris, France, and author of numerous books on the Bible and theology Accessible to anyone in the church who seeks to have a faith and life informed by this central and most meaningful sermon of Jesus. Interpretation

Customer Reviews

Wed 19 Apr 2023 @ 23:46

Great conversation about synodality happening now with Kristin Colberg and Ormond Rush!

The Saint John's Bible