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Mon 10 Dec 2018 @ 20:03

Important reflection for today from @DanHoranOFM

Sacred Strangers

What the Bible's Outsiders Can Teach Christians


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ISBN-13: 9780814645048
Published: 05/10/2017
Product description
The Bible is laced with stories in which strangers behave better than believers. What do these encounters with "others"-people from different cultures, religions, genders, economic and social classes-teach us about our own spiritual values, about the faith and God behind them? In Sacred Strangers, Nancy Haught leads readers through these stories, line by line, offering insight to open hearts to sacred strangers at a time when personal encounters can make us or break us-as people, Americans, and citizens of the world.
Author Information

Nancy Haught

Nancy Haught is an award-winning journalist who covered religion and spirituality for fifteen years for The Oregonian, the largest daily newspaper in the Pacific Northwest.

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Mon 10 Dec 2018 @ 20:03

Important reflection for today from @DanHoranOFM

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