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Scripture Documents

Scripture Documents

An Anthology of Official Catholic Teachings

Catholic Press Association Award Winner! In order to promote the Church's ongoing efforts to share the boundless riches of the divine Word with the...
New Jerome Bible Handbook
Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy

Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy

Principles and Guidelines, A Commentary

2006 Catholic Press Association Award Winner! After suffering an eclipse during the post-Vatican II liturgical reform, popular piety has regained...
Author: Peter C. Phan
Paperback / softback
Collegeville Bible Time-Line
Adults and young adults studying the Scriptures will find The Collegeville Bible Time-Line an invaluable tool. This colorful, graphic representation...
Author: Various
Christian Egypt

Christian Egypt

Coptic Art and Monuments Through Two Millennia

Through haunting landscapes of the Nile Valley, oases and deserts, purely designed buildings, sumptuous paintings, beautiful illuminations, and...
Cultural Dictionary of Bible
2000 Catholic Press Association Award Winner! Interpreting the Bible respectfully is a cross-cultural enterprise. For those who seek to understand...
Author: John J. Pilch
Collegeville Church History Time-Line
In this pilgrimage through church history, Joseph Kelly provides a colorful, graphic representation of the events and people of the Roman Catholic...
Catholic Bible Study Handbook
The Catholic Bible Study Handbook by Jerome Kodell, OSB, is a handy tool for those who want to begin and continue their study of the Bible. Topics...
The Saint John's Bible